Hit The Sign


Hit The Sign game: You are participating in the ING Cup as a batsman with the task to score as many runs as possible with the last 24 balls. ING stands for the Australian limited-overs cricket tournament in the period from 2001 to 2006. When the ball approaches, a yellow target mark will indicate the best moment to hit it with your bat. If you hit the ball at the wrong moment, you might be caught out or bowled out. Being caught out means that a fielder caught the ball directly without bouncing off of the ground. In both cases your batsman's been dismissed and the game is over for you. When you strike, you will usually score four. In order to score 6 runs, you should hit the stands of the grandstand or knock the ball out of the stadium. Even if you get caught out, you will be able to submit the score and check out your batting skills. The game has excellent graphics, and appealing animations. At some point, you should see a woman running over the field wearing nothing but the cardboard in her hands saying 'hi mom'. - See more at: http://www.cricketgames247.com/game/hit-the-sign.html#sthash.DtuE1GR5.dpuf

How to play

Hit the Left mouse button when the yellow crosshair appears on the ball.

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  • Cricket WorldCup 2014
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  • IPL Cricket 2012
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