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Play Cricket Games Online at CricketGamesOnly.Com

Welcome to CricketGamesOnly.Com, our website is dedicated to free flash cricket games online inspired by the great game of Cricket. We have put together this collection for you to enjoy. Our collection of flash Cricket games consists of batting games, test catch games and much more.

Cricket games was firstly played in the 16th century in the South of England. Together with the British Empire expansion, cricket game was brought to oversea land to be an international sport. The first international cricket match was held by the mid of 19th century and the first official match was held in 1877. Crickets governing body - The International Cricket Council (ICC) - maintains the laws of the sport. This game is also played with high enthusiasm in many countries such as South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Netherlands, just to name a few.

The modern cricket game is bat and ball game of two teams, each includes 11 players. The field for cricket is a rectangular of 22 yard long pitch. There are many different versions of cricket games, but following are the most popular:

One day matches: The game will be finished in one day. Players wear colored clothes, the ball is white. 50 innings are allowed for each team to bat and score as many run as they can.

Cricket Games

The test match: As suggested by its name, it is a true test caliber and class of players. The cricket match of this version will last in 5 days, each team play 2 innings. Players wear red uniform and the ball is made of leather and red.

Twenty-twenty: This is the quick - fire version. Each team will bat for over 20 innings. The cricket fans seem to love this version of cricket games than the others. The match will take about 4 hours and often participated by cheerleaders and famous stars.

For online cricket games, players may form their own teams by picking up their preferred players from a long list of both national and international cricket players. The online versions are built on the real games, with three most popular: one day matches, the test match, twenty-twenty. The most preferred of online cricket includes: Super Sixers, Super Sixers 2, World Cup Book Cricket, Bodyline, Cricket championship, The Dominator cup, Gully Cricket, Cricket Overdose, Bowling ace, Turbo cricket.

Test your batting skills in one of our many batting games or if bowling is more your style try your hand at Bowling Ace or Power Bowler. We aim to bring you the best online cricket games. Whatever your preference if you love cricket games there is a game for you here at Free Online Cricket Games. Have fun and please visit again soon!

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